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With your support, Other Side Ministries is prepared to improve tomorrow’s odds by making a difference today. We partner with Genesis Project to bring A New Beginning program to Apache Junction and the East Valley. We began A New Beginning April 2019 A hands on mentorship program tailored to train homeless and at risk individuals. This program teaches life and culinary skills giving the experience needed to acquire gainful employment. Perhaps the most important aspect of this venture is job placement, which will occur through the help of our community partners.

This program will give our students the skills needed to obtain and sustain employment, as well as thrive in the culinary field. Students will be guided from start to finish in basics such as sanitation, through technique, and into restaurant stations. We will then also assist in writing a resume and provide guidance on interviewing and job placement.


Week 1: Kitchen Skills - Sanitation

   •  Food Handlers Card Lecture
   •  Cooking Temperatures
   •  Food Storage


Week 2: Kitchen Skills - Knife Skills

   •  Food Handlers Card Test • Knife Cuts
   •  Mise en Place
   •  Restaurant 101

Week 3: Cooking Skills & Classic Dishes

   •  Cold Prep
   •  Sauces and Stocks • Emulsi cations
   •  Salads

Week 4: Cooking Skills & Cooking Stations

   •  Saute

   •  Frying

   •  Grill

Week 5: Cooking Skills & Cooking Stations

   •  Broil
   •  Roast
   •  Simmer

   •  Deep Fry


Week 6: Cooking Skills & Cooking Stations

   •  Eggs
   •  Griddle
   •  Steaming Grains


Week 7: Mock Interviews

   •  Human Resources
   •  Questions & Answer

Week 8: Ready for Work

   •  Resumé Writing
   •  Questions & Answer