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With your support, Other Side Ministries is prepared to improve tomorrow’s odds by making a difference today.

On April 11th 2019 we began our inaugural class of “A New Beginning”. Over each 8 week course we provide each student a food handler’s card, teach knife skills and how to work at each station in a professional kitchen. The students learn hands on how to read and scale recipes and become familiar with all professional equipment in a kitchen such as broilers, grills, deep fryers and convection ovens. The students participate in catering for fundraisers and a graduation event to gain real world experience. Each student learns culinary language and professionalism so they may enter the workforce prepared to work in a fast paced kitchen. Our students are provided interview skills then with the support of our community partner Local First Arizona they attend a resume writing class.


Week 1: Kitchen Skills - Sanitation

   •  Food Handlers Card Lecture
   •  Cooking Temperatures
   •  Food Storage


Week 2: Kitchen Skills - Knife Skills

   •  Food Handlers Card Test • Knife Cuts
   •  Mise en Place
   •  Restaurant 101

Week 3: Cooking Skills & Classic Dishes

   •  Cold Prep
   •  Sauces and Stocks • Emulsi cations
   •  Salads

Week 4: Cooking Skills & Cooking Stations

   •  Saute

   •  Frying

   •  Grill

Week 5: Cooking Skills & Cooking Stations

   •  Broil
   •  Roast
   •  Simmer

   •  Deep Fry


Week 6: Cooking Skills & Cooking Stations

   •  Eggs
   •  Griddle
   •  Steaming Grains


Week 7: Mock Interviews

   •  Human Resources
   •  Questions & Answer

Week 8: Ready for Work

   •  Resumé Writing
   •  Questions & Answer