Mission Statement:

We are a love-based ministry providing HOPE for our community though meals, resources, connections and education.


Vision Statement: 

Our vision is to create a community where no one is in need.


Core Values:

We are dedicated to our community.

We accept everyone as they are.

We empower people. 

We are innovative in how we serve.  


Our History:

We began serving the homeless in January 2016 and became a non-profit April 2017. We originally served the homeless on the streets of Phoenix while developing “A New Beginning”, our culinary job training and mentorship program for the low income and homeless community. While serving in Phoenix we served over 10,000 meals and 2 tons of clothing, toiletries, socks, underwear, shoes, blankets, and dog food to the homeless community.


In September of 2018 our dream of “A New Beginning” became a reality. We partnered with Celtic Properties and Local First Arizona and began renting kitchen space at 659 E Main Street, Mesa, 85203. We then offered free cooking classes and community events for the residents of El Rancho Del Arte.

Jason Taylor C.D.M.


I experienced homelessness when I was 21 years old.  As cooks, my friend and I decided to "resort hop." We traveled South in the Winter and North in the Summer. We followed tourists and cooked in highly populated resorts and at restaurants. We would stay for a few weeks to a few months before moving on again.

When we landed in Florida, we hit a wall. There was no work for a transient cook. We couldn't find places to take our applications, let alone interview us. As the days turned into months my ability to disappear deepened. When you're homeless, no one wants to look you in the eye. I began to steal to eat. We slept on the beach until the pain and welts from the sand lice woke us continually. I went to agencies but they had little resources. As a young man I couldn't find much help. They offered places to stay for the night and meals for breakfast and dinner. I didn't want to be fed; I wanted a job.

Around the time I had truly given up my friend talked me into going to church, one last chance. He remarked how I was changing into a person he did not know, so we went to church. I followed along: stood, sat, sang whatever everyone else did. I was raised in church and it felt familiar. When the service ended, I rose to leave but my friend grabbed my arm and told me to sit and wait. The whole church emptied of all 500 patrons. I sunk in my seat, so defeated, I couldn't cry anymore.

Then it happened. A Good Samaritan came to us and asked, "What do you need?" My friend replied, "We are homeless. We need a place to stay."

The man said he could help us if we helped him. He took us to his home where he and his new wife fed us. We assisted him in an event that his church was putting on. Then true to his word, he went out with us and found a kitchenette for rent. He bought us food, paid three weeks rent, and said, "This will get you through." I found a job, and within 5 years, had graduated culinary school. In 10 years I was managing kitchens. In 15 years I had the most beautiful child ever born. That act of kindness was my watershed moment.

I will never forget how his good deed saved me. I knew this Good Samaritan for a total of about 6 hours, but the things he chose to bless us with, made all the difference in our world.

I started Other Side Ministriesas an idea and a Facebook event to my blessings forward. I and a handful of other people went and served the homeless in front of Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS). We fed 250 people in minutes and ran out of food. It was the most humbling experience. The elation on everyone's faces reflected their appreciation.

We have grown from that day, becoming a 501(c)3 nonprofit on May 11, 2017. We have served 450 plus at some events with a team of 30 volunteers. We provided over 10,000 meals and over 2 tons of clothing, as well as pillows, blankets, shoes, reading glasses, and anything else we get donated to distribute to the men and women of our community who are living on the streets. Still I long to make a bigger impact. I want to empower people so they can take their lives back. This is why I have created "A New Beginning," a real world job skills course. Please visit our Activities Pagesto find out more about this and the other amazing events we have set up to assist some of the most at-risk population in our communities.


Tamara Lucero

Vic President/Secretary

Born and raised at the base of Mt. Rainier in Washington state, Tamara Lucero, owner of My Holistic Adventures, moved to Arizona after surviving 10 years of domestic violence, 25 years of drug abuse, and a period of homelessness.


Refusing to be a victim, she turned the tables and allowed her light to shine using the combination of her past, her love of nature and certifications as a Life Coach, Nutrition Coach, and Hypnotherapist.


Today Tamara proudly offers women what she has needed on her journey through coaching sessions via phone or on adventures out in nature.

Additional information can be found at: www.myholisticadventures.com

Ray Villa

Board Member at Large

Ramiro “Ray” Villa is the Executive Director for the Community (Community Alliance Against Family Abuse) CAAFA. Ray has been with the CAAFA for the past 10 months. CAAFA provides comprehensive services to victims of domestic and sexual violence in Pinal and Eastern Maricopa Counties. Prior to working at CAAFA, Ray was the Community Engagement Division Director for Mesa Police Department for 8 years. Ray has diverse background in the City of Mesa and Police Leadership. Prior to coming to the Mesa Police Department, Ray was the Neighborhood Services Department Director for the City of Mesa where he served for over 3 years. Other positions he has held in the City of Mesa; Code Compliance Director and Neighborhood Outreach Director. He served in the City of Mesa for over 14 years.


Ray has also held other management positions in two other cities. He was the Housing and Revitalization Manager for the City of Fresno, California (3 yrs.) and the Neighborhood Programs Administrator for the City of Chandler, Arizona (1.5 yrs.).


Ray is also a retired Police Lieutenant for the City of Chandler Police Department where he served for 21 years.


Ray attended the University of Phoenix  and Northern Arizona University.

Dr. Ruth Tam Lim

Board Member at Large

Dr Ruth Tan Lim is a practicing physician in Mesa since 1979. Her medical  practice offers integrative medicine encompassing conventional with Homeopathy and natural medicine.

As a Community advocate - her passion is children and families promoting positive societal change ; empowering transformation for a safer and better community. 

In 1991, after returning from Operation Desert Storm she setup the children’s Benefit Foundation ( CBF Inc.,) : the mission is to  enhance every child’s journey through life . Since 1996, she organizes the annual integrative health fair for the homeless and uninsured, partnering with the Tzu Chi Foundation. Since 1998, the foundation champions a community advocacy event for peace and nonviolence recognizing students who are winners of the peace poster poetry contest – all  for a safer community. For the past 3 years, the foundation have awarded scholarships for vocational students and returning veterans at Mesa Community College.

Currently she is on the board of Trustees with the Southwest College of Naturopathic medicine, the Health and Human Services advisory board of Chicano Por La  Causa and the Mesa community College Development Board. She has served  on the Mesa Arts Center Foundation Board, the I.D.E.A. Museum Board, Parenting Arizona  and Health Care Consortium of Arizona.

As a  member of the Mesa Sunrise Rotary club for over 20 years, she has served at club and district level committees for polio plus and district grants. She is a major donor and a member of the bequest society.

Her philanthropic support includes Child Help, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Mercy gilbert Medical Center , Chandler Regional Medical Center, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, I.C.A.N.,  Musical Instrument Museum, Mesa Arts Center , Mesa Community College Performance Arts Center.

She has received many awards including the Hon Kachina, Mesa Woman of the year, and the governor’s Arts award.

Phone: (408) 438-2852

Mailing Address - P. O. Box 51261 • Mesa, AZ 85208

Class/Kitchen - 659 E. Main St • Mesa AZ 85203

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